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HIGHLIGHT This easy-to-read book presents the big picture aspects valuable to the “owner” of the website. It blends just enough technology with the core ideas that make a good site work to bridge the geek-to-human language barrier. DESCRIPTION Many of the people responsible for a website don’t have a clue what’s required to build one and keep it up and running. The job of planning, launching, and managing a site often falls to people who have little or no experience in web design or development. Website Owner’s Manual is for the thousands of marketers, IT managers, project leaders, and business owners who need to put a website in place and keep it running with a minimum of trouble. Using clever illustrations, easy-to-follow lists and diagrams, and other friendly touches, Website Owner’s Manual helps readers form a vision for a site, guides them through the process of selecting a web design agency, and gives just enough background to help them make intelligent decisions throughout the development process. This book provides a jargon-free overview of web design, including accessibility, usability, online marketing, and web development techniques. Using Website Owner’s Manual, readers master the vocabulary and concepts they need to discuss how a website dovetails with the needs of a business. This book will help them work confidently with the designers and developers building and maintaining a site so they can concentrate on what your website needs to do. KEY POINTS • Defining roles and evaluating objectives • Planning and measuring your success • Page design and branding • Creating killer content • Content management systems • Domains and hosting • Website promotion explained MARKET INFORMATION There are massive numbers of websites managed by people who don’t have a clue how they work. This is the book for them.

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