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PHP and PostgreSQL Advanced Web Programming
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This book shows developers how to combine two rapidly growing open source technologies -- PHP and PostgreSQL -- to build high-availability, fail-safe Web applications. A unique book that focuses on the specific needs of a developer using PostgreSQL to build Web applications Includes exclusive tips on how to fine-tune the interaction of PHP and PostgreSQL in order to get the most from both technologies Authors are expert PostgreSQL developers and trainers, with years of experience developing high-end commercial applications There is a strong demand for books that describe how to use PHP together with a specific open-source database to develop Web applications. While MySQL is very popular, PostgreSQL is widely considered to be the more powerful of the two open-source databases. And PostgreSQL is rapidly gaining market share-large organizations are beginning to use PostgreSQL instead of Oracle; the demand for PostgreSQL training and support has increased by some accounts 50% in the last six months; and Web hosting services increasingly offer PostgreSQL along with MySQL. PHP & PostgreSQL Advanced Web Programming focuses on the specific needs of a PostgreSQL developer and will detail how to make use of PostgreSQLs unique, advanced features to develop high-availability, fail-safe Web applications with PHP and PostgreSQL. Hans Juergen Schoenig and Ewald Geschwinde are the founding partners of Cybertec Geschwinde & Schönig, an Austrian company that provides commercial PostgreSQL support, training, tuning, and remote administration for international clients Geschwinde and Schönig have used PostgreSQL extensively to develop high-end commercial database applications, and they recently developed a 'PostgreSQL Tuning Pack' that is being released in accordance with the GPL for download free of charge from the Internet.

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